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Tuning the Axis Mundi

Balancing the entire body along the central spinal line with weighted tuning forks.

  • 1 h
  • 125 US dollars
  • 12411 Pioneer Road, Minnetonka, MN, USA


In our body, the Axis Mundi, our spine, is the energetic pillar, or meeting place between Heaven and Earth. As the place between the sky and earth, tt expresses a point of connection where all directions meet. Precision-calibrated tuning forks are used along the spine in a sequence of steps that tone and balance the entire body. This protocol attunes the spine and harmonizes the kidneys, which are the reservoir of our deep ancestral essence or vital energy that works with our body. This protocol brings deep relaxation and renewal to our Yin energy and is very supportive in balancing the predominantly active Yang energy in our modern, busy lifestyle. You will leave feeling deeply relaxed, balanced, and peaceful from the inside out in a way you haven’t felt before.

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  • 12411 Pioneer Road, Minnetonka, MN, USA

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