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Do you want to live life with less stress and more peace? So many of us are stressed out with the hectic day to day and forget to check in with ourselves or don’t prioritize our self-care. I invite you to experience Reiki energy healing. It will reduce stress and anxiety, move stuck energy affecting your emotions, help you live from your heart, and leave you feeling calm and at peace. Regular treatments will accelerate your healing so you can stop suffering, find peace and live a more full life. 


Feel empowered, confident and happy

Do you want to feel more empowered, aware and at ease with yourself and more confident in your path forward? I invite you to try life coaching to support you in reaching your goals. It is a place you can find answers from within through guided help and personal awareness. Invest in yourself and your journey. You will experience greater happiness and meaning.


About me

Hello! My name is Paula Schuster. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and certified Life Coach. I am a healer deep in the core of my being. I have a strong innate desire to care for and nurture all living things. I also care passionately about Mother Earth and being in harmony with her, so she can continue to provide all that we need. It is important to me to serve others and participate in our human evolution and ascension to higher consciousness. My role in that is to help people heal, love themselves and awaken through the beautiful power of Reiki; and, to serve others by coaching them to reach their truest, most heartfelt goals and to find their purpose.


There are two places you need to go often.

1. The place that heals you.
2. The place that inspires you.



Paula is an amazing reiki healer. My entire life was feeling a bit chaotic and I knew I needed some balance and healing to help me through it. She set the stage for what to expect in the session and allowed space for me to ask questions as needed. The atmosphere is welcoming and safe, and she was spot on with the areas I was struggling with. I left feeling light and confident. She also provided explanations and recommendations for moving forward. The same evening of my first session, regular tasks with my children were much more peaceful and smooth. So grateful for my experience and I can’t wait for more healing from Paula!

Sarah B.

Our dog Jacob had not been able to eat food and keep it down for 3-4 days. He had been to the emergency vet hospital and had x-rays and tests, and we were told we needed to wait it out and see if he pulls through. By the end of the fourth day, he still hadn’t eaten anything. He would sniff food and walk away and throw up water when he took it. He was having tremors and shivering throughout the day. Paula did Reiki on Jacob as we sat together in my recliner. She held her hands over him and he turned his weak head to see what she was doing and then laid back down. She practiced Reiki on him for 10-15 minutes. After she finished, he followed me up to the kitchen and started eating and kept it all down. I was so shocked that it had worked so quickly! I screamed in joy and everyone ran to celebrate with me and to watch our sweet boy finally eat some food and start to heal! He’s all well now thanks to special gastrointestinal food, Paula and Reiki!

Kara S.

Had a session with Paula and she’s amazing…All my stress melted away and felt the white light enter my body…a life changing experience. Highly Recommend!! You can tell Paula really enjoys what she does and that she genuinely cares about you….After my session I felt a peace of mind and a state of bliss that I’ve never felt in my life before…it was amazing…much needed and appreciated in this stressful world we live in…Thanks again Paula!

Mark J.

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