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Rediscover yourself.

Life and Business Coaching

Sound Healing

Reiki Energy Healing

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Feel empowered, confident and happy

Do you want to feel more empowered, aware and at ease with yourself and more confident in your path forward? I invite you to try life coaching to support you in reaching your goals. It is a place you can find answers from within through guided help and personal awareness. Invest in yourself and your journey. You will experience greater happiness and meaning.


Find your peace

Do you want to live life with less stress and more peace? So many of us are stressed out with the hectic day to day and forget to check in with ourselves or don’t prioritize our self-care. I invite you to experience Reiki energy healing. It will reduce stress and anxiety, move stuck energy affecting your emotions, help you live from your heart, and leave you feeling calm and at peace. Regular treatments will accelerate your healing so you can stop suffering, find peace and live a more full life. 

About me

Hi I'm Paula. I'm a deeply curious human, a leader, mentor, guide, teacher, and space holder.


I am drawn to love, connection and community, to the goodness in people, to laughter, to people who live consciously and from their heart, and to creators of art, music, and beautiful things. Oh, and anything hippy-ish. ;)


I am inspired by nature and its profound ability to ground me. What also inspires me are people who live according to their own rules and from their heart, people who build their lives based on what they want rather than what they ‘should do’ or what others expect of them, people who have good energy, who have a deep peace within them, and who are inspired by helping others without needing something in return.


Scared As F*ck And Doing It Anyway, Showing Up Authentically! - Podcast

I have a podcast all about authenticity, overcoming the stories we tell ourselves, shedding the conditioning that tells us we are selfish for putting ourselves first, and living our lives for us! It’s a permission slip to stop doing what we “should do” and do what feels right for us. It’s about setting down the shit we’re carrying for everyone else living in our own unique way. It’s your weekly dose of empowerment and inspiration to muster the courage to show up as yourself, for yourself, because when we rise, everyone around us rises too.