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Cultivating Self-Love

Welcome to the Cultivating Self-Love Workshop!


Guided by Paula Schuster, Business Owner, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer and Certified Life Coach

I am so excited to share this new creation of mine! I have said from day one that my work is rooted in self-love because my entire way of being changed when I started loving myself again. I believe we can have a different, better, more connected, caring, heart-centered world if we all loved ourselves. I designed this workshop with love in my heart and with the subconscious in mind, to allow for sustainable, life-long transformation in the love we have for ourselves.


What are prior attendees saying?

“Love the tools, simple but effective.” – Brandi J.

Workshop Details

Future dates TBA


Location TBA but it will be in the Hopkins/Minnetonka area


11:00 am - 5:00 pm





In this workshop you will experience:

•    Connecting with, accepting and loving all the pieces and parts of you
•    Breaking through generational patterns around worthiness
•    Reminding yourself who you are and what you love about yourself
•    Shifting to a new perspective and treating yourself with greater self-love
•    Replacing negative self-talk with grace, compassion, and kindness toward yourself
•    Learning EFT Tapping to assist with breaking deeper patterns
•    Tools and practices to develop self-compassion and make real and sustainable changes


You have the potential to feel better about yourself and those around you, to be able to give yourself grace, to be less reactive, to improve your relationships, to build your awareness, to soften and to go home with, small/short, easy practices to realize lasting change. You have the potential to change your life.


I am holding space for you to learn to LOVE YOURSELF AGAIN.


What do we do in our time together?

  • Learn about and discuss tools for cultivating self-love

  • Practice using the tools for cultivating self-love

  • Powerful guided meditations with visualizations, and access to them anytime you need/want to listen to them (Please don’t let the meditations stop you from registering for this workshop! These guided meditations are easy to follow and powerful in their efficacy.)

  • Potent journal prompts to ignite change in thought patterns and uncover conditioning of others’ beliefs, allowing healing

  • Fun self-love exercises (depending on the activity, something to take home)

  • Reflection and sharing in a safe, loving, nurturing and accepting space


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