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About me

Hi I'm Paula. I'm a deeply curious human, a leader, mentor, guide, teacher, and space holder.


I am drawn to love, connection and community, to the goodness in people, to laughter, to people who live consciously and from their heart, and to creators of art, music, and beautiful things. Oh, and anything hippy-ish. ;)


I am inspired by nature and its profound ability to ground me. What also inspires me are people who live according to their own rules and from their heart, people who build their lives based on what they want rather than what they ‘should do’ or what others expect of them, people who have good energy, who have a deep peace within them, and who are inspired by helping others without needing something in return.


I feel most alive when I'm connecting with other humans, healing, teaching, and coaching/helping my clients to love and believe in themselves, put themselves first, find deep inner peace, and reconnect with their authentic selves and their power. I also feel alive when I’m inspiring and leading through my example, reminding others it’s never too late to change, and that we always have a choice, because it took me nearly all my life to figure that out.


I am an experienced coach and mentor who is on a mission to help people break free from following the expectations of others and follow their own hearts desires, because I believe that is how we are supposed to live our lives here on earth. That is where the magic (abundance, joy, happiness) is for each of us and that is where we find the most ‘success’. I am passionate about helping people shed the conditioning that tells us we are selfish for putting ourselves first (among other things), because I believe when we rise, those around us rise too.


I love learning from other humans, and I believe I can learn from every single person I encounter…I believe that everyone is both a teacher and a student in every interaction we have in this life. I love soaking up all the knowledge I can, whether that’s methodologies or healing modalities or books or practices, and bringing that forward for my clients. I love spreading love and I believe in lifting others up wherever I can. I’m so happy to be here at this exciting time in conscious human evolution, and I’m going to keep on going until the very last day of this beautiful life.


I created my business after getting out of corporate hell because I wanted to do something more purposeful with the rest of my life. I wanted to give and serve from my heart. I wanted to help people heal. And I wanted to connect with people in a more authentic way. My business has grown from just Reiki healing, to teaching, to coaching, to sound healing, to podcasting, and I’m having the best time of my life!


I am creating a life that I cannot wait to wake up to every day. Let me help you do the same!

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