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About me

I founded Reiki Flow after I experienced a complete personal transformation from receiving Reiki energy healing and being trained and attuned to each of the Reiki and Master levels. The change in me was so profound I knew I had to share this powerful healing energy with others.


I was introduced to Reiki through a dear friend of mine – one of the sisters from my precious tribe. She invited me to travel to Baja, Mexico to the very special and magical Yandara Yoga Institute, to learn Reiki from the beautiful and gifted Allison Claire Eaton and IT. CHANGED. EVERYTHING.


My long journey to heal past traumas and abuse, have better health and be more mindful, along with the transformation from Reiki, awakened the healer in me and inspired me to open my business so I can share the many healing benefits of Reiki, support others through similar obstacles and give people hope that they can heal and change their lives for the better too. Healing can come from a coaching relationship as well, from the positive benefits people realize from reaching their aspirations and goals. I provide the knowledge, encouragement, healing and experienced guidance to my clients that I needed when I was going through the most difficult times of my healing journey.


I understand and acknowledge how intimidating it can be to start and commit to new health and wellness routines and/or decide to invest in yourself, especially when there are so many competing priorities for the time, money and headspace. That’s where Reiki healing and/or coaching with me comes in.


I offer a safe and supportive environment, free from judgment and ripe for personal healing and progress. Reiki encourages the gradual release of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual “toxins”, clearing the old away and making room for the renewed you. This helps you prioritize yourself in a new way. Reiki also heals un-serving, conditioned belief patterns, increases self-confidence and rebalances your energy centers, making it easier to implement and maintain changes and new habits. Additionally, coaching helps you identify what you want, connects you to your inner-self and inner wisdom, empowers you, and guides you through exploring your options and reaching your goals and aspirations.


In my Reiki healing practice, I draw upon all my levels of training, my intuition, and other spirit and angel guides to aid in your healing treatment. In Life Coaching, I mostly listen to you but also draw upon lessons learned from my own healing and spiritual journey, from all of my teachers and from you, my clients. With all of my work, I draw upon my 25 years of building relationships and leading and coaching people in organizations, as well as the constantly humbling experience of parenting two beautiful beings.


Through personalized Reiki treatments, we can reduce physical pain, recovery time after surgeries, stress, PTSD symptoms, clear the mind and assist with depression, anxiety and addiction, as well as balance the chakras and deepen spiritual practices. Through personalized one-on-one coaching, I listen, empower, guide, and inspire you to find the answers you seek from within yourself. I offer information about the importance of connecting intuitively to yourself to answer the questions about what you really want and desire. Through all of my work, I share health and wellness information to reduce the overall toxic burden on your mind, body and spirit and I give the positive motivation and hope you need to feel supported and successful in adopting healthier habits.


My passion is to help others heal, find true self-love again and awaken to their life, because that is what will heal all of us and our human collective. Love is the bottom line.

Paula Schuster
Reiki Master and Life Coach

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