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 Life/Spiritual Coaching


Life/spiritual coaching is a place to find guided help with your goals, aspirations, life changes or with your spiritual journey. Coaching is also a space where you can move through any areas where you feel stuck or blocked by raising your awareness and inspiring change. Coaching will connect you to your inner-self and inner wisdom, empower you, and guide you through exploring your options to bring you forward and closer to your desires.


People hire a Life Coach to support them in being the best they can be and to achieve greater emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Through the process of being coached you will learn new skills, improve your performance and create a better quality of life.


How does coaching work?

A big part of coaching is listening. It is also naming the thoughts and attitudes that limit us, the thoughts that no longer serve us, and naming what we want to cultivate and put in their space once they are cleared. This will help us love ourselves again and move forward more consciously. We will start by discussing your goals, desires, changes you want to make or where you are on your spiritual journey and where you want to go. In order to guide this process, you complete light pre-work before our first session. Discussing your goals, aspirations and what you want to accomplish is a process and going through these details is a step that ensures a greater success rate. The model or techniques used will vary and depend on what you are working on. Once your goal is formed and vetted, we begin the action steps. We check-in along the way and readjust as needed.


Coaching is not giving advice and it is not therapy. It is about activating your internal trust. It is guided work to help you find what is within you, what you already know. It is far more empowering to come to solutions on your own than someone else telling you what to do.

I create a safe and supportive environment and one that is free from judgment. I will mirror and inspire confidence that the goals you set are possible, attainable, enjoyable and will be well balanced in your life. You can gain the self-confidence needed to pursue your life design in a holistic approach, achieving your dreams by making well-formed step-by-step action plans that create reality and fulfillment. Through certain techniques and models, you can develop self-mastery and efficacy for a happy satisfied life.

You are in a position where you have things to work with. You already have capacities, talents, dreams, missions and callings. A Life/Spritiual Coach will help you recognize these capacities, talents, dreams, missions and callings and empower you to use them.

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