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Life Coaching
1:1 Guidance Sessions

Become a priority in your life.

“Our worth and our belonging are not negotiated with other people.” – Brené Brown

What Life Coaching Clients Say

Before I started working with Paula, I struggled with big changes in life and business. I was sure I wanted to take the leap but unsure how to execute and take care of myself at the same time. In the process, I learned I was having panic attacks I thought were heart issues. Learning this with the help of Paula changed that in my life and I no longer have to deal with them. Charting a course for success using the coaching tools from Paula has increased my ability to accept the challenges that come and create the outcome I choose. There is strength in finding my authentic self and presenting that gives me the best results in all situations. Paula knows how to bring the strength to you, for you and your greater good. I recommend her coaching for all scenarios in life. Thank you Paula!
- Michele H.


I am here to help you believe in yourself, so you can become a priority in your life. To shed conditioning, heal trauma, feel empowered, cultivate self-love, harness your intuition, and peel back the layers to see just how bright you can shine. This is what I am called to do in this world. To help other humans believe in themselves, because I didn’t believe in myself for most of my life and I know what it feels like.


I have been a coach, mentor, and teacher for over 25 years in different settings. What I know for sure is that each of us has all the answers we need within ourselves, we just need someone to help bring them out. Someone to be a mirror reflection, to provide perspective and a shit ton of encouragement along the way, and someone to keep us accountable to do the work and actually make the changes.


I am not here to say “look at me, let me show you how to do this”. I am here to walk this path with you. I’m here to help you unlock your ability to be your full self…dancing with your fears and working through discomforts rather than letting them limit you. I’m here to help you learn to let go of other people’s judgments and set down what is not yours to carry.


I want you to be a human who is fiercely yourself because the world needs you doing you in your own unique way!


Many of us are afraid to be our full selves, to express our personal truth, or we think we can’t do it because we impose so many limits on ourselves. This is just our conditioning and the ego’s way of trying to protect us from what it perceives as harm. These limitations were installed in us when we were young by the people around us. Not because they were trying to hurt us, but because that’s what they knew and what had been passed down to them. We have also created our own limitations based on traumatic life experiences, but we have the ability and the choice to change this.


Let’s inspire you to be your true authentic self and become a beacon of inspiration for others.


How would it feel to believe in yourself again? To stop slicing off parts of yourself to fit in for others? When you sacrifice authenticity for acceptance to fit in, you lose yourself and no longer belong to yourself or anyone. Honesty is so much more powerful than people pleasing. You aren’t for everyone and that’s ok. Rebuild trust and safety with yourself as the one who matters most.


Don’t worry if you don’t know who you are without all the layers of conditioning and myriad of limiting beliefs you’ve held onto for so long. You will find you in this work and develop a strong sense of self from within.


When you are aligned with what’s true to you, you will be happier, you will feel empowered and more at ease, you will trust more, and your connections with others will be deeper. Your whole life will change for the better. Everything will expand. You will understand we are here to learn and grow, evolve and change.


I will help you start living your life for you.

Scared As F*ck And Doing It Anyway, Showing Up Authentically! - Podcast

I have a podcast all about authenticity, overcoming the stories we tell ourselves, shedding the conditioning that tells us we are selfish for putting ourselves first, and living our lives for us! It’s a permission slip to stop doing what we “should do” and do what feels right for us. It’s about setting down the shit we’re carrying for everyone else living in our own unique way. It’s your weekly dose of empowerment and inspiration to muster the courage to show up as yourself, for yourself, because when we rise, everyone around us rises too.

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