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Reiki Energy Healing


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a powerful energy healing technique that reduces stress and assists the body’s own natural ability to restore and heal itself. It balances the chakras and the flow of vital life force energy in the body, leaving the receiver feeling calm, more at peace and with a greater sense of trust.

Reiki also supports relaxation and health and well-being of body, mind and spirit. It works by channeling Reiki energy, also known as universal life force energy, chi or prana, through the Reiki practitioner to the person receiving the treatment, through intention. Reiki energy can be sent and received anywhere in the world, anytime, with real and impactful results, making distance Reiki just as effective as in person. Reiki has also been found to benefit children and animals.


Reiki is a hands-on therapy, but it can also be done by placing the hands above the body in the aura. The practitioner will place their hands on the body (or in the aura) clearing and balancing the chakras, focusing on areas that need the most healing. Reiki is given when the recipient is fully clothed and in a quiet, safe, relaxing environment. Relaxing music will be played to help the receiver relax. 


True healing includes mind, body and spirit. Reiki aids in all of these aspects of healing. It is a non-invasive complementary therapy that The Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Massachusetts General Hospital, Cleveland Clinic and Hartford Hospital, and others, are integrating into their health care services to expedite recovery time and reduce the amount of pharmaceuticals patients require for pain management. Patients have reported, “stress is relieved, pain is reduced, less pain medication is needed, hospital stays are shorter and healing is speeded.” Hospice care is also well known for using Reiki with patients.


There are many systems of Reiki, the most widely known is Usui Reiki. A system of sacred and secret symbols are given to the Reiki practitioner during the initiations and attunements. The symbols are used to enhance the Reiki energy when intuitively guided, including a distance healing symbol. Reiki practitioners must go through a process of initiations and attunements to be able to practice Reiki. This is usually done through a Reiki Master Teacher and certification is granted to practice.


How does Reiki work?

Reiki works through sincere intention by both the practitioner and receiver. Reiki provides for an enhanced flow of life force energy by deeply relaxing the nervous system, resetting the body and mind and restoring balance. Emotional stress, physical illness, etc. cause our bodies to lack sufficient amounts of vital life force energy making us prone to dis-ease in the body and disharmony or emotional stress in the mind. Higher amounts of vital life force energy support better physical health and a happier emotional state. Reiki is always beneficial and will adapt to your unique needs. Reiki is never harmful.


It is ok to be doubtful and uncertain about Reiki and how it works. The only thing that is required for Reiki to work is a sincere desire from the client to receive the healing energy for their highest good and an open heart and mind.

What to expect:

I use essential oils in all of my Reiki sessions, unless of course you prefer I don’t, and I also offer free essential oil and essential oil based supplement and product consultations. Let me know what questions you have! Pure, organic, uncontaminated, therapeutic grade essential oils are part of my overall medical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


During the Reiki session, you will become very relaxed and at peace.

Some people experience hot/cold or other physical sensations, deep relaxation, visuals, colors, emotional reactions, etc. Thoughts may come in, acknowledge them, and let them flow through and out. All sessions and people are different and all experiences are good and legitimate. Your experience is right for you and you can be assured that Reiki is working powerfully to help you heal. Many find benefit in receiving multiple, regularly scheduled sessions, especially in the beginning of your healing and/or awakening process. Follow your intuition.

Reiki session instructions:

Please come with a healing intention for your session, or choose from the following common intentions:

  • Your highest good – if someone asks, this is what I usually recommend because Reiki energy is supremely intelligent and knows exactly what your body, mind and spirit need. As a receiver of Reiki, I have more powerful and impactful sessions when this is my healing intention.

  • Stress release/calm/anxiety

  • Emotional support and well-being

  • Spiritual growth/greater awareness

  • Clear your energy field

  • Alignment with your life purpose

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Find vision/clarity

  • Transforms negative thought patterns

  • Addiction healing

  • Healing grief

  • Enhance your intuition

  • Improve meditation abilities

It is helpful if you can relax 5-10 minutes before the session, turn off devices and leave a little space between work and the start of your session, if possible.

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